Tuesday, June 05, 2007
A Slice of American Pie

First there was humble pie. Then came its cousin, hypocritical pie. But what's the one we all know and love? American pie, baby. Don McLean, red-white-and-blue, Old Glory-style American pie. I know my audience gets a whole lot of China through this American's [gorgeous and all-seeing] eyes, but rarely on this blog do you - the viewers - get the flip side: the Chinese perspective on America.

I decided to ask a couple questions to get opinions on the current state of American pop culture and I swear to you, it turned into an episode of Jay-walking. Or I guess in this case, Rachel-walking. Nope. Doesn't sound as good. Don't worry - I'll think of something.

In the meanwhile, my "interviews" (which were conducted in Chinese, by the way - go me!) went something like this:

(the names have been abbreviated to protect the innocent)

Rachel: So what do you all think about Paris Hilton going to jail?
J: Who's Paris Hilton?
A: I think she's stupid. How do you not know that when your license is suspended, you're not supposed to drive? I barely speak any English and even I know that!
C: I think she's pretty but that she doesn't treat herself right. I'm sure parties are fun, and I know she's rich, but what about self-respect?
Rachel: Good question. I have no good answer.
C: She should come to China. I could teach her.
Rachel: Teach her what exactly?
C: How to be normal and nice to people and be part of a community.
Rachel: Do you think it's too late for that now?
C: Maybe. I mean she made that sex video and the DUI and that music CD she made.
Rachel: I like how you put her music in with her public image problems. Moving along, have any of you heard of Scientology?
All: No.
Rachel: It's a religion that's talked about a lot in the magazines. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are both in it. Here I'll try to explain it...

Insert: I spent about twenty-five minutes trying to explain all about Xenu and the falling to Earth and the e-meters, but I think somewhere along the way the explanation turned into a seventh installment of Star Wars in which Luke Skywalker joins a cult to subconciously lash out at the father who abandoned him and seeks to drain the universe of its financial solvency to support his new choice of "spiritual outlet."

Rachel: ...and so you see, Tom Cruise went all crazy and married Katie Holmes after interviewing her for a "movie role," and then some weird stuff happened. This led to an [hilarious] episode of the show South Park that further emphasized the public's view that Scientology followers are part of a crazy religion that only wants to grub money off its loyal worshippers, that are often celebrities.
C: That seems stupid.

Insert: I couldn't have said it better myself.

Rachel: Okay, next question. Have any of you seen stories about the Rosie O'Donnell-Donald Trump feud?
A: I read about that. Honestly, Donald Trump is ugly, so he shouldn't be so arrogant just because he can buy other people's love.
J: Isn't that the guy whose hair is falling off?
Rachel: Yep, that's the one.
J: He is ugly. But I like The Apprentice a lot. His daughter's hot.
C: Who's his daughter?
Rachel: Ivanka Trump.
J: Trust me, she's hot.
Rachel: Do any of you know about the fighting between him and Rosie O'Donnell? She's a comedienne who was on a show called The View where she made fun of him. Then they just started fighting in the news.
C: Was any of what they said true?
Rachel: I'm sure some of it was.
C: And they fought in public?
Rachel: Yep.
C: They need to find a hobby.
Rachel: You should tell THEM that. You'd be doing all of America a great service. Finally, what do you think of American music right now?
A: I like punk music. I like Blink-182 and Linkin Park.
J: I've been listening to that also. I love Blink-182. And Silverchair.
C: I like some of it, but I mostly listen to Chinese music. I don't understand English well enough.

Rachel plays Maroon 5's new single "Makes Me Wonder" and Lily Allen's "Ldn" for them.

C: I like the tunes, but I don't understand the song.
J: I like punk! The first one was okay, but the second one was too slow.
A: Yeah, it's too slow. Play punk rock!

Good thing I didn't break out the Dylan. If they dissed Bob Dylan for singing "too slow" I might've had to get physical.

So, there you have it. I like some of their responses quite a bit. Especially the one about Donald Trump's hair. Perhaps there's something to be said for being an objective observer. I sorta feel that way now. Whatever news I do read is from too far a distance to feel real. So this is "pop culture" at its finest, huh? Maybe I'll make this "Chinese man-on-the-street intervew" a regular installment. I mean, it's not like American pop culture will find itself in a stupidity shortage anytime soon.
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