Monday, May 14, 2007
Studying For Standardized Tests CAN Be Fun. Wait, Don't Laugh. No, Seriously. I SWEAR.
Some people may scoff at that statement, but I'm sticking to my guns on this one. And having taken the PSAT, SAT (both I and II(s)), ACT and LSAT - and now moving onto the GMAT - I find myself as something of an expert on the topic. It is statements like the following, plucked straight out of my McGraw-Hill GMAT prep book, that make all the drudgery at least a smidge more comical:

"The GMAT includes these passages [dealing with either women or a minority ethnic group] in part as a response to long-term criticism that the specific subject matter of its tests provides an advantage to white males. The question of whether these minority-themed passages rectify this historical imbalance is outside the scope of this book, but what is relevant to this book is that these reading passages invariably present minority groups in a positive light. If you see an answer choice that suggests something negative about a minority group, you can be sure that it is the wrong answer."

No joke. Word-for-word, verbatim. So I'm guessing Treason and The Way Things Ought To Be are off the reading list, huh?

NOTE: Clicking on the books' titles will take you to their respective pages. Allow me to say that I in NO WAY endorse or support their politics or ideologies. If anything, I suppose I should've linked them to the "Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh Are Insipid Bigots Who Wouldn't Know a Quality Human Being If One Slapped Them Across the Head Repeatedly For An Hour" website. They probably wouldn't even feel it. Their nerve endings are that dead from being unfeeling, self-centered idiots. And now my rant is done. Thank you.
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