Friday, April 13, 2007
The Gang's All Here
If you've read my postings, you'll be at least vaguely familiar with a weekly event called, "Quiz Night." Wednesdays at Bar Blu 蓝吧 in Sanlitun 三里屯 are somewhat of a staple with us since some of my crew have five-a-side football (NOT American football! That would be soccer, for you Yanks out there!) on Tuesdays - the evening of the other Beijing "Quiz Night" at Tim's Texas BBQ. Essentially, it's five rounds of ten questions with bonus questions and prizes. And, unlike before when I was using "Quiz Night" to meet new people in this city, I now come with crew in tow. So far, we've managed to not come in last, and that seems to be good enough for the time being. This past Wednesday, the theme was "the 70's"; and oh, how I wish my parents were there. Our team had not a person born before 1980 in attendance. Unfair, if I do say so myself. I'm pretty sure the group in the next booth over had two certified hippies and a 70's rock groupie who looked like he was still styled to tour with Zeppelin.

Despite our age handicap, we managed to recognize pictures of Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army, pinpoint the year 1975 as the official end of the Vietnam war, and guess that it was no other than Edwinn Star belting out "War! Hugh!" Seriously - who doesn't love that song? And I find it fascinating that the music trivia category (which consists completely of audio clues) always turns into a bad karaoke contest.

We took fourth place - in the middle of the pack, but not too shabby, all things considered. We got free drinks care of the happy hour machine (when you buy a drink, they give you a small remote - you hit a button which stops a wheel, telling you what prize you receive), won a bonus prize of 100元 for answering that the capital of modern Ethiopia is Addis Ababa, and had a pretty damn good time in the process. After the gaming was over, the four of us who were still up for merrymaking took our bonus prize winnings and bought ourselves kebabs and a final round of drinks at Butterfly Bar around the corner (100 元 won't buy much elsewhere), before calling it a night.

The "Quiz Night" crew. Clockwise starting from the Chinese girl in the white jacket on the left side of the photo: Jojo, Zach, Danny, Dave, Candy, yours truly, Paul, and the girl in grey on the right is Emily. You can click on the photo and it should enlarge, though I can't be sure about that (I'm still firewalled - ever the controversial blogger I am!).

I've had a few questions about documentation of the rest of my experiences, particularly my time in Laiwu. They're still here! But this last post reaches the limit of what Blogger will allow me to display on one page. For earlier posts, check out the Archives section on the sidebar. Happy reading!
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