Wednesday, February 28, 2007
With No Due Respect Whatsoever

I read three articles today in which people were quoted as saying, "with all due respect."

Does that phrase even have a meaning anymore? Because you KNOW that when someone says, "with all due respect" what they really mean is, "For some reason - which God will not permit me to understand - I must defer to your undeserved authority, despite the fact that I could do your job one better with my hands tied behind my back, blinded in one eye, and hobbling around on a wooden leg." Wow. Hands tied. One blind eye. Peg-leg. Sound kinda like a pirate, doesn't it? Throw a parrot on his shoulder and you're set.

So I guess what "all due respect" really REALLY means is even Captain Hook is better at life than you. And he was eaten by a crocodile. And wore bloomers. And a feather in his cap which he called "macaroni."

Okay, I think I've mixed too many references...
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