Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Roll The Dice And Drink To Your Death
Or so this special Chinese dice game should be called. This past weekend, I made plans to meet up with Dave (a fellow forum moderator) at a Belgian bar called Beer Mania (yes, a bit cheesy, but with really good stuff!). When I came in, he had not yet arrived, but two people waved me over. It turns out Tine and Jamie were friends of Dave's who had also been invited along and they were well into some sort of drinking game. They asked me if I had ever played "dice" before. I had not.

They explained the rules of the game:
Each person has five dice inside a cup. You shake up the dice and don't allow any other player to see them. 1's are considered "wild" and can stand for any number. The point of the game is to make a wager (using what dice you know you have) as to how many of any number are face up on the table. So if I say, "there are seven 3's," and another player sees he has no 3's (or 1's which could represent 3's), he may call my bluff. Then everyone lifts their cups and we count the 3's. If there are seven or more 3's showing, he loses that round; if there are less than seven, I would lose. The person who was wrong has to drink. If no one calls my bluff, the next person repeats the same, but has to go in the upward direction. If I said "seven 3's," the next person has to wager at least eight of something. It goes on until someone calls someone else's bluff and is either proved right or wrong.

And it turns out my qi is very good. I must have done many good things in my life because people who lose have to buy, and I was the richest one left (and the least drunk)! Kids, do try this at home! (with caution of course).

And YES Sean, as you can plainly see, you ARE my best bad influence, so feel proud in this moment! (And just so you know I intentionally did not say 'worst' influence because that's just not how we do things. All about the positivity...it's creative license, not incorrect grammar - so there.)
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