Thursday, March 29, 2007
A Face That Could Launch A Thousand ____________.
I'll let you all fill in the blank. It'll be like an online game of Mad Libs. Try to be nice though - it's hard to defend myself when I'm thousands of miles away.

Well, after seeing John Mayer find his celebrity look-alike (The irony is not lost on me. And, by the way, he only matched himself by about 52%), I decided to try it myself.

Lo and behold, the results from the magic computer:

Who Rachel Would Be If She Were Rich, Famous, And Not Planning A "Responsible" Career

I'm pretty happy with my matches. I like that one of them is East Asian. It confirms my belief that the Chinese government does indeed have a plan to slowly assimilate EVERYONE IN THE WORLD. Just kidding, guys! I thought the government censors would get a kick out of that...
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