Monday, March 26, 2007
The Ziggy-field Follies

This past week, I was combing through City Weekend Online (a webzine geared toward expats living in Beijing) and came across a post of interest. Ziggy Marley (reggae singer extraordinaire and son of the great Bob Marley) would be coming to Beijing on Monday, March 26th followed by a performance in Shanghai on the 27th.

Now, not only is it rare enough that international acts come to perform in China (they go to Japan, Australia, and even Korea frequently enough, but the Chinese government keeps stringent standards for acts that come here - case in point, Jay Z's cancelled concert last year due to use of obscene language and references to violence). But it is even rarer so that they come to Beijing. There is a much larger international community in Shanghai and they therefore attract more international acts (like in my earlier post about Eric Clapton). Often, Beijingers miss out because singers and bands feel they will not be able to bring in enough bodies here. However, Ziggy was on his way and City Weekend had a contest that went something like this:

If Ziggy Marley was a Chinese superhero, what would his superpower be? The person who writes the best comment wins front row tickets to see Ziggy Marley!

Now, I like all kinds of music, though I have no particular affinity for reggae. I like a dash of everything. But wouldn't it be cool to go see Ziggy? And what does it cost to try. Nothing, right? I read through the other comments written, and they all seemed so somber and deep. So I placed a comment that was a little more Rachel-style:

Mr. T, Step Aside!
Ziggy - along with the rest of the Melody Makers - would create a newly formed superhero super-squad known as the Regg"A"e-Team who would then proceed to pity the fools who don't spread love and joy, and harmonize them into submission with his soulful sound and poignant lyrics. And his magical dreads would make him fly (dreads with superpowers seemed to be a running theme here...).

And though I have always contended that I never win ANYTHING, guess where yours truly is going tonight?

To see Ziggy Marley. Here in Beijing. With a friend. For free.

That's just how I roll.
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