Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Chariots of Garbage
Driving down the roads of Beijing, as I do rather often these days, it is common to see big carts (usually brown or blue) attached to bicycles, ambling down the avenue.
These belong to the street sweepers of Beijing. There's one for almost every block you pass. Part of the reasoning behind this is the tendency of the Chinese to litter. They have not yet been indoctrinated with the whole "Give A Hoot, Don't Pollute" spiel. You can tell how effective the EPA's "advertising" has been in the U.S. by the very fact that I still remember it from my television watching at age 7. But I commonly see the nonchalant discard of a wrapper or flick of a cigarette in plain view, only to be scooped up but moments later by one of these quick and agile creatures (I think this is turning into an episode of Crocodile Hunter: Beijing Edition - all it needs is a "Croikey, 朋友!"). Funnier, of course, if you speak the language.
Getting back to the point, while on my way to work today I got stuck behind this scooter that was just inching along. Since my personality dictates that I be impatient and attempt to speed ahead of any who get in my path, I managed to slide in beside him and slip around in front. But when I took a quick glance around, I realized WHY he was merely plodding along.
He had one hand on the handlebars. In the other, a rod with a sharp, pointed end. As he approached a piece of styrofoam on the ground he stabbed it and flicked it back into his garbage bag, all while continuously gliding forward. Would that not be the coolest job ever? Spending your days riding around the city on a small motor scooter, playing "Litter Polo" with a sharp instrument that can be used to frighten off small animals and children? Awesome.
Sorry, Mom. Change of career plans. Shame you had to spend all that money on a private top-tier university...
Perhaps in a later post, I will formally introduce you all to the rules of the latest outdoor gaming trend that's sweeping this Chinese nation (care of yours truly), "Litter Polo."
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