Friday, June 22, 2007
Aliens Exist?
Probably not. But I have noticed something a bit strange. For the past several weeks, I have been taking a new, faster route to work that involves more highway (a bit more dangerous, but definitely a smoother ride) and fewer roadways (less clutter/people in my way). For a while, everything was normal, but then - starting about two days ago - every time I pass under a certain bridge, my iPod freezes. At first, I thought I had just gone over a bump the wrong way, jilting the iPod (since I have it clipped onto my handlebars) and that THAT was the cause. But yesterday and today, it happened again.

Once is fine, twice is coincidence, three times and you've got verifiable data. It's not much more than a pain in the neck (because I have to reset the iPod, preferably without stopping to pull over to the side of the road, which would add time to my commute). And before you give me a lecture on safety and awareness while driving in a big city, YES I really do need the iPod THAT much. Have you ever heard what traffic sounds like in Beijing? Honking here is like saying "hello." Or actually, "ni hao."

Could it be aliens? Poltergeist? A secret military experiment gone awry? Probably not. It's likely just some transportation or communications system that they're working on that's interfering with my iPod's ability to function. Something along the logic of forcing you to turn off electronic devices and cell phones before takeoff. But's weird.
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