Friday, June 22, 2007
Of all days, TODAY I wish I had my camera...
You know how sometimes you say you got stuck behind some ass on the road heading to work in the morning and it gets you all annoyed and impatient? I had that happen today. There really was some ass blocking up the road. I mean literally. There were two asses pulling carts on the highway this morning and they were blocking traffic because they didn't know which ass was up and which was down. I've always wanted to be able to say that.

Normally, the commute to work is, well, a pain in the ass. Did you like that one? The asses themselves were pretty funny, bellowing and confused-looking. The scene was especially comical as there was a guy in a Mercedes who had managed to convince himself that honking at and agitating the donkeys in the street was going to get him to work any faster. The visual was priceless.

Update to earlier posts: My visa is in order and life is pretty much back to normal. A four day turnaround time? Not too shabby. Thanks to everyone who lent me a helping hand after the events of Sunday. It was and is deeply appreciated. I don't normally do this because it's a little lowbrow, but a smiley face for all of you! :o)
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