Monday, November 13, 2006
In Heaven There's No Beer. That's Why We Drink It Here.
Or so the old saying/beer festival motto goes. For those of you who didn't hear it from me already, this past week was Laiwu's beer festival (think Qingdao, divided by 50). Despite its small stature, this event has taught me several things:

  • Being drunk in Chinese is easier than being drunk in English. If you slur your words, remind your companions that it is the "language barrier," not your own personal inability to mix large amounts of alcohol with even larger amounts of alcohol, that is at fault.

  • Drunk karaoke has no cultural limitations. The Japanese may do it the hardest, but the Chinese do it with kung-fu dance moves.

  • You're never too young to get your first hangover. I'm pretty sure I saw a drunk 5-year-old Chinese boy doubled over by a bush and standing next to him was his father - glowing with pride and laughing over his son's first "man's experience."

I may have to take the next week to sleep off the YEAR'S worth of alcohol I managed to consume in the last four days. I spent most of the weekend with acquaintances from the office in an effort to bond and learn Chinese at the same time. But this backfired, as most of my drinking was at the prompting of my colleagues who kept wanting to see me drunk, but kept drinking so much in the process that they were too incoherent to see anything. Well, at least we had some good times (though no one remembers them but me).
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