Friday, November 10, 2006
Getting Caught In The Shuffle
Yesterday I saw by far the coolest thing I have seen here yet: a Chinese seniors' shuffleboard competition.

I know it sounds kind of hokey, but in the world of shuffleboard, the elderly Chinese could wipe the floor with any American I've ever seen. (Now I wish I was talking about curling - that "wipe the floor" euphemism could've been played off as subtle yet witty double entendre. Oh, well.) And they're very serious about their competitions.

Visualize this: you're taking the SATs. You whiz through algebra and geometry - question after question and you're flying. Suddenly, you encounter an advanced calculus problem. This isn't supposed to be on the SATs! Your brow furrows, your eyes open wide, you stare at the page in fear, and your jaw is clamped shut, your mouth gripped in a combination of grim determination and utter panic.

That, my friends, is the Chinese shuffleboard "game face." And boy, can they pull it off well. This ain't Boca Raton, folks. This is backwoods China. They're not on the same playing field (that one works literally and figuratively). It would be like comparing a basketball game in Plainview, Illinois with a street game in Compton. That's right. In Compton. Because that's just how we roll here in Laiwu.

For those of you currently rolling your eyes at my "street" references, go ahead. But just you wait. Just like Chinese kung fu masters of old, I will be apprenticed by these Chinese elders. I will study their teachings and obey their practices. Once I achieve shuffleboarding of the highest order, I will return to your United States. And then...

Well, then you can roll your eyes at me in person I guess.
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