Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Banned In The PRC

Yep, it's true. I have no way of officially verifying it of course, but seeing as I haven't been able to access my blog's webpage in about a week, I'm guessing that Big Brother has struck again. Subsequently, I hope all you readers out in cyberland will forgive any formatting or typographical errors that may be present in any of my recent posts as I have no way to proofread after publishing.

Development and modernization will breed openness. Keep the faith everyone...we shall overcome.

On a totally separate side note, there was a guy on a bicycle this morning who kept turning around to stare at yours truly, the beautiful, exotic, yet sorta funny-looking waiguoren you've all come to know and adore. He turned around once to check out the foreign import (a.k.a. me), which is understandable. But then a second time. And a third time. Of course by that point, flattering had turned into nuisance. By the fifth time I started to fume. I mean, I'm just another human being, right?

And then he saw the parked truck. It was jutting out into the street, forcing him to swerve into the middle of the street, and fall off his bike. Embarassed, he quickly dusted himself off, scanned quickly to his left and right, averted his eyes from the gaze of the people he had mortified himself in front of, jumped back on his bike, and sped away. This time he didn't look back. Not even once.

I let out a stifled giggle and a triumphant smile emerged. And with that, my emotional equilibrium was restored.
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