Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Let The Games Begin
Hey, long time no see! Allow me first to say that the title of this particular blog post is only whimsical and witty if you know that the area of Beijing I just moved into is known as the "Asian Games Village" due to its proximity to the future site of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Otherwise, it's just a stupid cliche. I would like to think that I'm above that at this point, unlikely as it may be. What have I discovered this week, you may ask. Every time I move to a new city, I find myself accruing new philosophies by the second.

For example, I have made a important and firm decision in my life to never move to a city that does not have an IKEA. It's just not smart. Even better is shopping in a country with a favorable exchange rate. I furnished my entire apartment for $350.00 and everything matches. Thanks IKEA!

I am also brushing up on my math: expat football fans + gigantic oak panelled micro-brewery = instant friends. A nice play on words with expat and hating the Patriots should be in order here, but I hate the Eagles too much to divert the focus of my negative energies. Plus, Tom Brady is too dreamy.

Last, I have decided that men not asking for directions has little if anything to do with pride or stubbornness. After having gotten on many wrong buses and ending up on the most random side streets only to meet cool people who would love to pour a Chinese-speaking waiguoren a free drink in the middle of the morning, I have determined that the no-asking-directions imperative is simply a manifestation of human curiosity and an easy way to piss off the inflexible, compulsive, A-type personality in the passenger seat while laughing on the inside.

In the midst of this highbrow and, frankly, obnoxious attempt at humor, I would like to interject that I was deeply touched by the barrage of emails from my long lost friends, even people from as far back as elementary school (how they even remember me - or why they would want to - is beyond me...I was kind of a pain in the rear back then. Not much has changed). It was great to hear from all of you and for those I did get to see, it really was a pleasure catching up. I apologize as I was only back in the States for about a week and only in Florida at that. For all of you, I wish you a happy end-of-holiday-season. I have entered 2007 in high spirits and, seeing as my brain is not clouded with the polluted smog of bipartisan politics and New Jersey, I think it's a safe bet they will remain as such. In spite of your collective geographical misfortune, I hope your 2007 back in the good ol' U.S. of A. is just as fantastic.
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